YLoader 6 beta

– project ported to Visual C++ 2019
– various fixes
– code cleanup: more consistent naming style, formatting, fixed most warnings, and many others.
– updated code to use modern C++ features
– removed no longer functional datasource plugins (Google, MSN, QuoteMedia), with only Yahoo left

YLoader 5

– many internal changes (code ported to Visual C++ 2015, strings represented as Unicode, other fixes and enhancements)
– comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions.
– comes with a new and enhanced updater.
– does not require a registration key.

Known issues

– YLoader 5.0 (Y5) on Windows XP and later, 32 and 64 bit.
– Y5 configuration is backward compatible and uses the same settings file as Y4.
– Y5 does not currently allow an empty “Start Date” field, unlike Y4, which allows and interprets it as “earliest bar available”. If “Start Date” was set to empty in Y4, it will be displayed as January 2, 1970.
– option to “Auto Start” downloading (Settings/General/Autostart)downloading does not work (YLoader won’t start downloading on startup even if this is checked). There is a workaround however – use the command line argument “-a” (see online documentation) which has the same effect and works. YLoader will then be started using this command: “yloader.exe -a”.
– the “YLoader API” available in YLoader 4 is no longer supported.
– the MSN datasource plugin has been removed from the product as MSN no longer provides free downloadable quotes.
– the formatting options to set the number of digits after the decimal point, and to set the decimal character are currently available only from the command line (“-L” and “-U” respectively) in both GUI and console versions. See the “Command Line” page in the online documentation.