YLoader User Manual

YLoader is used to download historical quotes available from several financial sites.

Some of the main features:

  • used to download free historical End of Day (EOD) stock price data from Yahoo, Google or Quote Media
  • extensible to other data providers through data source plug-ins
  • GUI and console versions
  • fully automated runs supported by both the GUI and console version
  • configurable through a rich set of arguments either through the settings dialog (GUI version) or command line arguments (both GUI and console versions)
  • virtually unlimited output formatting configurable through fixed settings or regular expressions
  • multiple simultaneous data connections for fast downloads
  • symbols list that can include any number of symbols
  • configurable date range
  • split/dividend adjusted or unadjusted output (if supported by the provider)  
  • different bar durations: daily, weekly, monthly (if supported by the provider)
  • data validation,
  • output data file name customization
  • session event logging to file
  • bonus application symbols.exe can download all most up-to-date Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX symbols.