YLoader User Manual

You are granted the right to use this application only if you agree to the terms set forth in the Licensing terms, which is shown during installation, and is also part of the installed package

Run setup.exe to install the application.

Installing or running the software will not make any changes to your system or registry. The only file created at runtime is yloader.ini in the local YLoader data directory. This file stores settings values between sessions.

Files installed:

  • yloader.exe - the executable for the GUI version of YLoader
  • yloadercl.exe - the executable for the command line (console) version of YLoader
  • various dlls required to run yloader.exe and yloadercl.exe.
  • default data source plug-ins for Yahoo, Google, QuoteMedia
  • symbols.exe - a symbol pre-processor utility that can be used to
  • download most recent symbols for the three main US markets Amex, NYSE and Nasdaq
  • merge symbols from multiple files into one list of symbols

Initially the "Symbols File" and "Output Directory" directory will be empty, and in order to run the application they will have to be initialized with valid paths.

By default the application will check the website for updates at startup (no information is sent out). This automatic check can be turned off in Settings.