YLoader User Manual

  • Auto start downloading - when checked, downloading will be initiated as soon as the application starts. Useful the application is used as part of an automated data downloading system, run from the command line.
  • Check for updates at startup - enables auto checking for new releases at startup
  • Simultaneous connections - the number of simultaneous connections. Depending on the network bandwidth, choosing multiple connections will usually improve downloading speed.
  • HTTP Request timeout - the delay in seconds after which a request that hasn't completed is abandoned, or 0 for no timeout (wait indefinitely).
  • Proxy Server
    • IP address/name and port number - the IP address or name that identifies the proxy server on the network, and the TCP port number on which this proxy server is listening for connections. The address and port number are separated by ":". If this field is left blanc, no proxy server will be used. Consult your network administrator or proxy server documentation for the exact configuration. Examples: (this is the local computer, port 8118), ourproxyserver:4444 (a proxy server with the name ourproxyserver listening on port 4444).
    • User name - enter the user name if the proxy server requires authentication
    • Password - enter the password if the proxy server requires authentication
    • Open data file with - enter or browse to the application name you want to use when opening data files directly from YLoader. If this field is empty, the default application associated with the extension of the data files will be used. For example, if the extension is csv, Excel will be used (if installed), or if the extension is txt, notepad will be used. To define a custom application, this field should contain the full path of that application, such as "c:\windows\notepad.exe.
    • Do not reload old data in Update mode - by default, when the Update mode is active, if old data is inconsistent with new data, all the old data will be reloaded. This can happen if there have been splits or dividends between the last available bar locally and the new bars to be downloaded. If however this behavior is not desired, check this box to turn it off. This can be useful if the data has been modified manually and updating it would cancel all manual changes.