YLoader User Manual
  • Add symbol to column - enables/disables adding a column to each data file containing the symbol name. The column number can be between 0 (leftmost column) and 6 (rightmost column) and should be entered in the associated edit box.
  • Sort bars in ascending order - if on, it will force saving bars sorted from the oldest to the most recent. If off, the order will be reversed with the most recent bars at the top of the file. In the latter case the Update option in the Time range group is also disabled.
  • Field separator - sets the character or string to be used as field separator. The default value is ",", but any character (including blanc) or string can be used.
  • Volume mulitplier - decimal number which is multiplied with the downloaded (and optionally adjusted) volume value to generate the final, saved volume value. For example, to save the volume as thousands of shares, use the multiplier 0.001, which will divide the real volume by 100. To leave the volume unchanged, use the multiplier 1 (the default value).
  • Date format - the date can be written as
    • mm/dd/yyyy - 10/25/2007
    • dd/mm/yyyy - 25/10/2007
    • yyyy/mm/dd - 2007/10/25
  • Pad date fields with 0s - when checked, will ensure that month and day fields have exactly 2 characters, even for 1 digit months or days, so Jan 05, 2006 will be written as 01/05/2006
  • Date separator - sets the character to be used as a date field separator. The default value is "/". To generate dates without a separator, clear this field. In this case it is usually a good idea to also check the option to Pad the date fields with 0s, or dates may become ambiguous (for example, 1252008 can be interpreted as 12/5/2008 or 1/25/2008, but 01252008 is clearly 1/25/2008).
  • Use regular expression formatting - when checked, it will enable regular expression formatting and disable settings based formatting (such as Add symbol to column, Field separator etc).
  • Regular expression formatting
    • Reset to default values - will reset the Match regex and Format string to their initial default values when clicked
    • Unlock - the regular expression formatting controls are locked by default to avoid accidental changes. Clicking on this button will unlock these controls for editing.
    • Match regex - contains the regular expression used for extracting strings from the input data
    • Format string - contains the strings that defines the output data format