YLoader 6

Contains fix for the “Could not get cookie” error
* Download YLoader 32 bit
MD5: 92169fd95c28c02c2fe084491a6f3c3d
SHA1: 0931b66336b4c41941d901b4ec849eec1359058e
* Download YLoader 64 bit
MD5: 19ad34a665e651d4453f24bc0fce70ff
SHA1: a24009626d0a42e2aa6cd251584f882d0ab5e5ed

If you receive “DLL missing” errors, you need to download and install the Visual Studio 2019 C++ redistributable package
which you can find with a web search, but make sure you get it directly from Microsoft to avoid any potential security issues.
Also make sure you get the version that matches the 32/64 bit version of your YLoader installation.

Report any issues you may find on the GitHub YLoader issues page or by email to info@yloader.com

Refer the YLoader release notes before installing the product.
Use the MD5 or SHA1 cryptographic hashes listed above to verify the integrity of the downloaded binaries.

Support YLoader

YLoader is released as FOSS (Free Open Source Software), but you can make a PayPal donation to paypal@yloader.com if you wish.