YLoader 5.0

* Download YLoader 32 bit
MD5: fb6382ffca242388a8abfd818e066f0c
SHA1: 8775ec09f7e79d65c7c6c06fed99f608f9a21f04
* Download YLoader 64 bit
MD5: 2cea6fe9a2e9410bc0c99c49ad64643a
SHA1: 9bbbc7da90c77ed5e487c68ba2ad367da34387d9

YLoader 6.0 beta

* Download YLoader beta 32 bit
MD5: 151b02dee47226ed389c96a3e730f735
SHA1: 8383147df53ea62d8df1b35f7224fdaed4618920
* Download YLoader beta 64 bit
MD5: 215733055d52496a1ddc50699a65764d
SHA1: fc2a02031a949991e7aa4d4b87c6d10acb1201fc

Report any issues you may find on the GitHub YLoader issues page or by email to info@yloader.com
Refer the YLoader release notes before installing the product.
Use the MD5 or SHA1 cryptographic hashes listed above to verify the integrity of the downloaded binaries.

Support YLoader

YLoader is released as FOSS (Free Open Source Software), but you can make a PayPal donation to paypal@yloader.com if you wish.