Release history

V4.8 (latest stable) - 04/16/2013 (download)

  • This version fixes several issue with QuoteMedia data: new format would cause data download to fail or to be saved with the wrong sorting.

V4.6 - 07/15/2012 (download)

  • Fixes a Yahoo data issue: it checks if the downloaded data contains a last bar whose date is equal or lower than the previous bar, and if it does contain one, it removes it.
  • Fixes a bug in the symbols.exe utility causing it to fail when downloading any of the Nasdaq, NYSE or AMEX symbols lists.

  • To take full advantage of this fix, it is recommended that a one-time full reload of all data be done.

V4.5 - 07/07/2012 (download)

  • Fixes a Yahoo data issue: it checks if the downloaded data contains a duplicate last bar, and if it does contain one, it removes it.

  • To take full advantage of this fix, it is recommended that a one-time full reload of all data be done.

V4.4 - 05/12/2012 (download)

  • Fixes a data rounding bug.
    • Previously, values were rounded in some cases, causing some precision loss, as well as unnecessary data reloading in update mode.
    • This version saves the data exactly as it was downloaded with no rounding, which improves data precision and avoids unnecessary data reloading in update mode.

    To take full advantage of this fix, it is recommended that a one-time full reload of all data be done.

V4.3 - 05/09/2012 (download)

  • Fixes a data update bug.
    • Previously, during data update, YLoader would compare the last local bar with the same bar on the server to determine if there had been any changes that would require a complete data update. However, if a bar other than the last was different, the data was considered correct and no download was initiated.
    • The new version compares several bars to determine if there are inconsistencies, and thus correctly determines if data is incosistent and initiates a complete download in that case.
  • This version is more tolerant to hardware changes: it won�t request a new key if the system is upgraded with a just a new hard drive, video card etc. Major changes may still generate a new hardware fingerprint and require a new validation key.

V3.9 - 10/18/2011 (download)

  • New symbols files settings - optionally:
    • generate a list of symbols with errors during a session
    • ignore the list of symbols with errors during a session
    • ignore an additional list of symbols during a session
  • changed the settings file location to prevent settings saving issues on Windows Vista and 7
  • changed the location of the initial sample symbols list file and data directory
  • new registration management commands
  • plugins are now in the same directory as the application - avoids issues with plugins not being loaded
  • more registration and subscription information on the titlebar
  • better handling of various cases of registration and subscription expiration

V3.8 - 4/24/2011 (download)

  • fixes a bug causing YLoader to hang when trying to save data for a symbol matching one of the Windows reserved file names (CON, PRN, AUX etc)

V3.6 - 11/28/2010 (download)

  • regular expression formatting now available, for output data in both GUI and console-only versions
  • fixes security vulnerability described here:
  • new command line arguments for regular expression formatting, used in both the GUI and console-only versions
  • allow multiple configuration files on the command line
  • allow escaped chars in strings on the command line and configuration file (\t, \n, \\, \")
  • allow quote surrounded strings in configuration file - handled the same way as on the command line
  • allow arguments without associated value in the configuration files, without any hacks
  • fixed bug causing downloading failure in some cases
  • command line argument name --outputfile is now --singleoutputfile
  • command line argument name --nooutputfile is now --nosingleoutputfile
  • downloading speed optimizations

V3.4 - 11/11/2010

  • New console only version of the downloader
  • New command line options for both the GUI and console version
  • Arguments can now be entered via a configuration file in addition to (or instead of) the command line

V3.2 - 9/29/2010

  • Data files created during a download session can now be opened directly from YLoader by double clicking on the corresponding symbol (in symbols list or download status).
  • New general setting to define the application associated with the generated data files - will be used to open the data file when the symbol is double clicked
  • New general setting to not reload old data in update mode, even if that data is inconsistent with the new data, and the command line flag (-w) for this setting. This is normally used to avoid overwriting old data in case it has been manually changed.
  • Fixed field separator bug - if the option to add the symbol to the data file was selected, "," was used as separator regardless of the separator option. Now the correct separator is used.
  • Fixed several minor internal bugs.

V3.1 - 9/26/2010

  • Fixed QuoteMedia plugin which is now fully functional
  • Simplified datasource plugin names.
  • Installilng datasource plugins in the right location
  • Removing old plugin files during installation

V3.0 - 9/23/2010

  • Simplified installation directory and file names. YLoader is now used in most places instead of YGQD or Yahoo & Google Quotes Downloader; sympreprocpr.exe is now symbols.exe
  • Updated symbols.exe to support the new http request format for downloading AMEX, Nasdaq and NYSE symbols
  • Fixed progress bar bug, which cused inaccurate readings for more than 64k symbols in the symbols lists
  • YLoader is now distributed for a fee, to help support development and infrastructure costs

V2.9.1.0 - 3/28/2009

  • experimental QuoteMedia datasource plug-in

V2.9.0.3 - 3/25/2009

  • various plug-in improvements:
    • faster MSN downloads
    • fixed bug in MSN plug-in, causing last bar to be lost
    • plug-in memory usage fixes in multi-connection mode
    • correctly calling the plug-in API freeString after using strings allocated by plug-ins
    • handling of several new http errors (retry when error 503 in MSN mode, report data error when error 400 in Google mode)

V2.9.0.1 - 3/22/2009

  • optionally copy all data files to one output file
  • additional command line arguments for the above feature

V2.8.0.3 - 2/12/2009

  • service release - updated the Google plug-in to conform to the new Google data download URL.

V2.8.0.2 - 1/13/2009

  • first official release of the MSN data plug-in
  • improved stability
  • improved error handling
  • more responsive cancel
  • faster downloads
  • connection timeout handling
  • internally, replaced WinInet library with libcurl
  • added proxy server settings
  • fixed memory leak in the symbol handling code)
  • handling downloading errors when http connection attempts fail, usually during very fast sessions, when many connections are created

V2.7.0.1 - 11/24/2008

  • fixed a bug where a symbol may get duplicate bars in update mode. Thanks forums member sfun28 for reporting it.
  • increased data update speed by optimizing the most recent data reading.

V2.7.0.0 - 10/28/2008

  • plug-in API v with support for data source plug-ins
  • added data source plug-ins page in the settings dialog showing the list of available data source plug-ins and their properties.
  • replaced the built-in Google and Yahoo data sources with data source plug-ins using the new API
  • new API for setting the YGQD data source plug-in
  • new command line options for setting the YGQD data source plug-in
  • added button on the main window to open and edit the current symbols list file
  • added button on the main window to explore the output folder
  • added help menu item to open the current settings file
  • fixed bug where duplicate symbols were not removed from the list of symbols to download

V2.6.4.2 - 09/30/2008

  • fixed a bug where the Google data source could not be set from the command line

V2.6.4.1 - 05/24/2008

  • added several new command line arguments and APIs for:
    • data sorting
    • date field padding
    • adding a data file header
    • invalid data handling
    • volume 0 handling
    • prepending and appending strings to data file names
    • setting the data file extension
  • fixed a bug that prevented the data file header from being added to data files in some cases

V2.6.3.0 - 04/27/2008

  • added the option to set the date separator to a user defined character, or no separator at all
  • added several new command line arguments (-f to set the date format, -y to enable/disable the symbol in the data file, -m to set the symbol column in the data file) and the corresponding APIs
  • fixed a bug preventing the correct use of the command line argument -v

V2.6.2.1 - 04/15/2008

  • fix for a data formatting bug - lines were terminated by \n (0x0A) instead of \r\n (0x0D 0x0A) causing problems in some applications using them.

V2.6.2.0 - 04/13/2008

  • added a volume multiplying factor option (in settings/formatting)
  • added a file header option (in settings formatting) - this will add user defined text at the top of each data file
  • fix for an API and command line bug where setEndDate would set the start date instead of the end date
  • fix for crashes happening in some controls when clicking or pressing certain keys
  • fix for a bug where a dialog would pop-up notifying the user there are n days left of unlicensed use.

V2.6.0.0 - 02/07/2008

  • New output data date format (yyyy/mm/dd)
  • Field separator option
  • New command line parameters for setting various downloading options (Update, All available, Adjust etc).
  • A completely reworked API offering a higher level of control over the YGQD settings and behavior.

V2.5.1.0 - 01/05/2008

  • Added option to map characters from symbol characters to file name characters. Now symbols that contains illegal file name characters, such as TSE:ABX (currently valid on Google) can still be saved by mapping the illegal character (:) to a legal character ("_" for example).

V2.5.0.4 - 11/19/2007

  • Better handling of several connection or data error cases
  • Added diagnostic logging option to the Logging Setting page
  • Fixed data formatting bug happening in case the option to add the symbol to the data file was set to column 6 (last column).

V2.5.0.2 - 11/11/2007

  • Fixed empty start/end date behavior - empty dates are now accepted and are considered to be the earliest or most recent date in range.
  • Fixed crash happening when updating a date file containing user defined strings.

V2.5.0.1 - 11/03/2007

  • Fixed a crash happening when one of the start/end dates was left empty. Now the user is prompted to enter a valid date.

V2.5.0.0 - 10/27/2007

  • All product features are now enabled and available to all users free of charge.
  • Fixed a progress bar color error.
  • Reorganized the About dialog box
  • Added several new help menus (link to forums and to the site).

V2.4.0.3 - 10/22/2007

  • Reduced the size of several components and of the install executable (setup.exe) by removing unused resources.
  • Fixed a bug in the desktop documentation style - code and samples now have the right color, the same as the online documentation.

V2.4.0.2 - 10/20/2007

  • Made the Tradery banner less intrusive
  • Added What's New and Release History pages to the documentation
  • Updated the application icon

V2.4.0.1 - 10/18/2007

  • Cleaned up the main window UI (controls consistent with the general UI theme, less clutter, easier to use)
  • Added toolbar and taskbar with frequently used commands
  • Implemented list of most recently used symbols files and output paths as side link on the respective buttons
  • Cleaned up the Settings dialog - now each category of settings is in its own pane
  • New option to use the symbols file directory as output directory by default

V2.3.0.2 - 09/17/2007

  • Enhanced split/dividend adjustment detection logic in case of data update.
  • Enhanced handling and reporting of various adjustment, update, date range related cases
  • Added data loading retry in case of ambiguous response from the server. This has improved downloading success rate when using Google as a data source.
  • Fixed bug where Google limitations (oldest bar, period, adjustment) were also affecting Yahoo.

V2.3.0.1 - 09/16/2007

  • Increased the width of the percentage statistics fields on the main window

V2.3.0.0 - 09/16/2007

  • Added Google as data source
  • Renamed to "Yahoo & Google Quotes Downloader" (YGQD)
  • Added percentages to the session statistics
  • New help button on the main window
  • Several minor fixes

V2.2.4.0 - 08/13/2007

  • Removed the 100 symbols limitation in the User version.
  • Reduced the threshold used to determine if a split or dividend event has happened since the last update, from 0.5% to 0.1%.

V2.2.3.3 - 06/26/2007

  • Fixes bug where when close price 0, adjusted data shows unexpected strings. Now, if close price is 0, adjustment factor is 1.

V2.2.3.0 - 06/24/2007

  • Fixed API to work with Visual Studio VB as well as Excel VB. Updated doc to reflect the changes.
  • GUI changes (extended main window height, extended session status window height in registered version, link to in unregistered version)

V2.2.2.0 - 06/21/2007

  • Added several new options for fine tuning the handling of invalid data, when price validation is enabled. It is now possible to handle invalid data as warning or error. Also, volume 0 can be optionally interpreted as valid or invalid data.
  • Modified API parameters. Now the API can be called from VB as well as C/C++.

V2.2.1.0 - 06/17/2007

  • fixes a bug where the start date wasn't saved on systems with locale different than US

V2.2.0.0 - 06/16/2007

  • re-implemented the downloading engine to adapt to new changes in the Yahoo data format, and to make it more adaptable to such changes in the future
  • increased downloading speed by using better algorithms
  • simplified adjustment options - split and dividend are now linked
  • removed quarterly and yearly data options.
  • fixed bug that limited volume to 4 billion shares
  • removed "Downloading" modal dialog.
  • downloading status feedback on the main window
  • main window can now be minimized during downloading
  • the User version now downloads data for a limited number of symbols per session

V1.11.00 - 02/12/2007

  • offering the free pro version options

V1.10.00 - 01/30/2007

  • service release - a date format change was causing downloading to fail for all symbols. Now supporting the new date format
  • changed the UI theme to blue

V1.09.00 - 10/14/2006

  • fixed bug that was causing unnecessary reloading of data in update mode, based on unreliable split/dividend information

V1.08.00 - 09/26/2006

  • added command line utility sympreproc.exe (symbol pre-processor).
  • fixed several issues related to session status reporting and statistics

V1.07.00 - 09/22/2006

  • fixes issue with dividend adjusted values
  • new logging and data saving options
  • various fixes and enhancements

V1.06.00 - 03/01/2006

  • internal release

V1.05.00 - 12/18/2005

  • greatly improved downloading speed thanks to support for multiple connections to Yahoo (configurable)

  • session logging to file - useful for unattended sessions
  • new data formatting options
  • enhanced "Downloading" dialog
  • session statistics
  • various other enhancements and bug fixes

V1.04.01 - 08/14/2005

  • new option to prepend and/or append strings to data file names
  • new option to automatically check for updates at startup
  • fixed bug - the main window was flickering when moved - fixed.

V1.04 - 07/23/2005

  • Symbols file and data path can now be specified on the command line also
  • Symbols file and data path can be dragged and dropped from a windows explorer directly onto the respective fields
  • Bars can new be saved in any order: most recent bars at the top or at the bottom of the data file
  • Date format can now be selected to be US (2/25/05) or European (25/2/05)
  • The time is not saved in the data file any more
  • The application new detects if there is an Internet connection, and it won't initiate the downloading if there isn't one.
  • Other changes

V1.03 - 05/04/2005

  • Bug fix - when updating, some files were overwritten

V1.02 - 05/03/2005

  • Using the new TA-LIB 0.1.4 which fixes the volume split/dividend adjusted bug
  • Now option to enable/disable data validation
  • Improved UI
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

V1.01 - 02/18/2005

Added several new options:

  • update
  • autostart 
  • autoexit (on the command line)

V1.0 - 02/10/2005

  • initial release

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