You are granted the right to use this application only if you agree to the terms set forth in the Disclaimer.

Run setup.exe to install the application.

Installing or running the software will not make any changes to your system or registry. The only file created at runtime is yloader.ini in the local YLoader data directory. This file stores settings values between sessions.

Please note that the application will not allow downloading data if the yearly subscription has expired. In that case you may need to purchase a new yearly or lifetime subscription, or uninstall the current version and install a previous version that was released within the timeframe of your subscription.

Files installed:

After installation, the output directory will be set to the local YLoader data directory, but feel free to change it to any other location where YLoader is allowed to create and modify files.

By default the application will check the website for updates, at startup (no information is sent out). This automatic check can be turned off in the Options dialog. If the version number on the website is more recent than the installed one, the user will be prompted to download and install the updated version.

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