YLoader 5.0

Runs on Windows 7.1 and later and does not require a registration key.

* Download YLoader 32 bit

MD5: 87406017c0526873cf463cce0cc9c6c4
SHA1: bf68da3d64218b1b209da4e69a61d8652714044a

* Download YLoader 64 bit

MD5: 618bb8d304d5c5467829b1ed9bf0e775
SHA1: defd72c35419da27be28deb2a9b24b1c67ed4145

If you receive an error message about missing dlls when trying to start YLoader, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable files

Make sure to read the YLoader 5.0 release notes before installing and running the product.

YLoader 4.9

Runs on Windows XP and later, however it requires a registration key (see below).

* Download YLoader 4.9 32 bit

MD5: ba920e0a7b3fb74a03fea6fd08f78e1b
SHA1: 9a3ecf4f0e228ca2743cad02f7cd2af1c9705a9b

YLoader 4.9 will require a registration key to run after the 14 day trial period - email us the hardware fingerprint at info@yloader.com and we will reply with the corresponding registration key at no charge.

The hardware fingerprint is a hex string formatted as xxxx-xxxx (ex: 3AB8-F991). To get yours, start YLoader, open the About box and click on the "Enter validation key" button.

Make sure your reply email address is valid. You will receive the key usually within several hours. If you have not received it within 24 hours, check your spam folder, and if not there either, email info@yloader.com with an alternate valid return email address (do not use the same email or most likely won't receive the second reply either).

To verify the integrity of the downloaded files, you can compare the MD5 or SHA1 cryptographic hashes listed above with the ones generated by this FCIV Microsoft utility.

Support YLoader

YLoader is released free of charge, however contributions in support of its continued development will be appreciated. Email info@yloader.com and we will reply with the necessary information.